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          ABOUT US

          Company Profile


          Guangzhou AILIFU Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on 2003. We are one of the earliest private new technology enterprises in China, engaged in the development, production and sales of intrusion detection and alarm systems. The four major brands of AILIFU,VOANDOS,WISEI and ALEPH. Based on the security industry, we carried and insisted on sustainable development philosophy. With years of industry experience, we provides a wide range of high-value services such as project information, technical information, and OEM cooperation for users and partners while providing a series of high-quality security products.


             "Never be a manufacturer and seller of inferior products" is our consistent business principle. We will strictly follow the ISO international standard to provided best quality products for every customer. At present, we mainly focusing on the development, manufacturing and selling of Infrared Beam Detector, Laser Beam Detector, Microwave Barrier Detectors, Explosion-proof Series Detector, Electronic Fence, Alarm Control Panel, Alarm Center Management Software and so on. We are the original intrusion alarm system overall solution provider in China.



          Over 17 years we have served over 10,000 customers and helped with their projects


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              AddressRoom 303, #1 Building, Guangtang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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